Sunday, October 23, 2016

Megatron: a Retrospective

I don't know what it is. Be it my steadfast inability to put down CW Armada Megatron, my admiration of Classics Megatron's lightpiping, or tinkering around with TR "Nucleon," I've got Megatrons - and Galvatrons! - on the brain. 

As such, over the next several weeks (months? Years?) I am going to focus on different Megatron and Galvatron toys, especially those that have especially captured my imagination and managed to stay in my play/display rotation more than most. I'm also really looking forward to TR Voyager Megatron, and am very close to biting the bullet and purchasing the One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall Platinum set with its half-assed Repaint of Classics Optimus but terrific repaint of Classics Megatron. Recently a new Masterpiece Megatron has been revealed by Takara, but I've no real interest in that.

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