Saturday, January 7, 2017

TR Wave 4

So the current pics are mostly low quality, but over the last few days we've gotten confirmation of TR wave 4 for all size classes.

The Titanmasters were already confirmed at NYCC as Repugnus and Shuffler (Skytread and Nightbeat are recirculated as the other members of the case).

The new member of the legends class is Throttlebot Chase with a new name as a new-head retool of Bumblebee. 

The deluxe wave is where most of the new info is; as of NYCC we only knew of Perceptor. Now we have learned of Kup, Topspin, and Krok and Quake, pretty much in that order. Kup was "reserved" for the cover art of the last TFCC magazine cover and then Ben Yee was allowed to run a review on his site. Topspin showed up on the back of some other toy's box as a co-sell, and now the latter two toys have been shown. Both Kup and Topspin are new molds, Krok is a new-face retool of Skullcruncher and Quake is the same for Hardhead. Of all of these, I think I'm the most excited for Krok. He has of course been a pretty important MTMTE character for years now, which landed him a TFCC toy that I wasn't quite interested in. This new toy plays off his name and Gatoraider partner by making him based on Skullcruncher. His color scheme is great too; the gator mode should look really cool. I've never liked Quake's colors, so while I like the Hardhead mold and should be interested in a Decepticon version of it, Quake isn't the best. He isn't ruled out but he's not a big draw either. Topspin, however, is the least interesting of the wave for me. I've never been a big fan of the Jumpstarter toys, and Topspin is definitely the worse of the two just because of how weirdly undefined his altmode is. The Generation FoC toy got around this by making him a remold of Blastoff, but this new toy pretty faithfully replicates the original's design to my chagrin. I do like his guns, though, and hopefully his existence means we get a nice Twin Twist sooner than later.

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