Monday, February 20, 2017

This is a lot...!

Toyfair 2017! Man oh man did Hasbro show off a ton of TF product. Firstly, RiD Combiner Force gets some real combiners:

This here is Ultrabee, who interestingly gets away with only four components by using the appropriately larger Grimlock as a pair of pants, almost Energon-style. It's pretty neat!
Motormaster! I like his look.
Menasor is interesting - not as good as I'd like but it's nice to see this combiner that hasn't seen much action outside of G1 get a new look.
Cyclonus! I'll get the legion toy and hope for a Voyager, but this is pretty neat...he forms the torso of:
Galvatronus! Holy crap, I can't believe this guy made the multiversal jump so quickly, and with new-character limbs to boot! The head favors Cyclonus over Galvatron more than I'd like, but otherwise this is really cool.
Bee looks GREAT. So much better than either AoE mold, I may actually buy this despite having too many BBs already.
Sqweeks! I think that's how you spell it. This is a pretty awesome toy; it's much more fun looking than ROTF Wheelie was and has more going on than Legion Fixit.

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