Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I did not win the waiting game.

Back in March, I wrote about how I wanted the ROTF Walmart exclusives Beachcomber and Trenchmouth, but didn't want to pay full price for them since they came packed with two repaints that I didn't want, Slapdash and Deadlift. I reported that I'd totally jump on them if I saw them clearanced for $5 per pair, as I had seen reported online.

Well, 3 months later, I have never seen any kind of clearance on these toys. And lately, the only thing I'd really been hunting was HA Mudflap, hoping to use the Recon Ravage coupon on him. However, I really doubt that I'll find him at retail before July 1st (I'm banking on finding him at Botcon). With all that in mind, and not having gotten anything new in a while (save Dion), I decided to finally cave on these guys today. It wasn't so bad; between the coupon and a gift card I had gotten from a student last month, the 2 sets were about as cheap as they would have been on clearance anyway.

As of now, I've only actually opened/transformed Beachcomber and Trenchmouth (Who's Movieverse BW Inferno to me); I haven't decided if I'm going to keep Slapdash and Deadlift or try to trade/sell them next week at Botcon. For now, I'll add them to the inventory, but they may not stay long.

Oh, and Infernomouth is awesome. He actually has better quality control than Knock-Out/Wasp, something I didn't expect. This is mostly due to the fact that his waist really locks in place in bot mode. Oh, and he does look nice, too, not to mention appropriate as Inferno - even my son, without prompting, said he turned into an "ant-motorcycle" when looking at his packaging photos.

edit: And, wow, I now have 101 individually transforming ROTF toys. Granted, this includes stuff like Stratosphere's mini-Optimus and the individual Legendstator components, but man, that seems like a lot.

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