Friday, June 25, 2010's going to be a long day.

Well, after getting back to my cousin's, he and I stayed up until 2 am. Then my son wakes me up at 5:30, and I'm leaving to go back to the con in 30 min. I haven't even really had time to look at the toys - so far, I've only opened the Timelines Landquake and Breakaway I needed to complete Nexus Prime. They're actually pretty nice, particularly Breakaway.

Overall, I got the boxed set, a loose set, and 1 each of the souvenirs, giving me these toys to sell: all the loose stuff (Spark, Clench, Breakdown, Streetwise, Skybyte) and 2 of the Sharkticons and Scorch. I'm keeping everything else (at least for the short term - if I can suckers someone into trading me a SG Megatron for Double Punch or something like that, I'll totally part with some of these).

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