Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reorganizing the Invasion, Part Deux

Last summer, I spent some time rearranging the toys downstairs, producing a display that has lasted for most of the last year. I've started rearranging it again, though.

On the chest-of-drawers, All the Optimus Prime toys have stayed, but everyone else (Ultra Magnuses, Primals, the Cybertron Prime candidates, etc) was moved up to where the Megatrons were.

It's actually the Megatron toys that precipitate this whole thing, since after Christmas, I couldn't fit both TM II and Megabolt Megatrons on the Megatron shelf. Now, they (and all Galvatrons, including the previously uninvited Universe Galvatron) all are on the chest-of-drawers opposing the Optimus toys.

The Starscreams are all still at the top (now unencumbered by TM II Megatron). The book shelf is going to change; it has mostly hosted Movie/ROTF toys for the last year; now, it will display characters who have many iterations from different toylines, such as the various Prowls, Ironhides, Seekers, Scorponoks, and so on.

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