Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok, picture time

Like I said, I reorganized the collection. The centerpiece, seen below, is where my Prime/Ultra Magnus/Optimus Primal collection is showcased:

Altogether on that shelf are these transformers:

Commemorative Series Generation 1 Optimus Prime
Commemorative Series Powermaster Optimus Prime w/Apex Bomber & Hi-Q
MP-01 Convoy (Japanese 20th Anniversary Prime)
Classics Voyager Optimus Prime
Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime
Alternators Optimus Prime
Titanium War Within Optimus Prime
Universe Spychanger G1 Optimus Prime
Titanium G1 Optimus Prime (3")
Robot Heroes (RH) Supermetal G1 Optimus Prime
RH G1 Optimus Prime w/Matrix of Leadership
Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime
Cybertron Legends Class Optimus Prime
Energon Leader Class Optimus Prime
Energon Deluxe Class Optimus Prime
Armada Supercon Optimus Prime w/Overrun
Robots In Disguise (RiD) Optimus Prime (in normal robot mode)
Titanium RiD Optimus Prime (Supermode)
RiD Spychanger Optimus Prime (Supermode)
Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime
Movie First Strike Optimus Prime
Movie Protoform Optimus Prime
Movie FAB Optimus Prime
Movie Legends Class Optimus Prime
RH Movie Battle Damage Optimus Prime
RH Movie Protoform Optimus Prime (really Jazz)
RH Movie Allspark Optimus Prime
RH Movie Sword Optimus Prime
Animated VoyagerClass Optimus Prime
Animated Deluxe Class Optimus Prime (Cybertronian)
Animated Battle Begins Optimus Prime
Animated Activators Optimus Prime
Animated Legends Class Optimus Prime
Beast Wars 10 Anniversary (BWX) Ultra Class Optimus Primal
BWX Deluxe Class Optimus Primal
Titanium Optimal Optimus (same guy as Primal)
RH Optimus Primal
Crossovers Captain America (he looks just like an Optimus toy)
Galaxy Force Vector Prime (Japanese release)
Cybertron Metroplex
Cybertron Scourge
Cybertron Evac
Cybertron Override
Commemorative Series G1 Ultra Magnus
Universe Leader Class Ultra Magnus
Animated Leader Class Ultra Magnus
Armada Overload w/ Knockout (to me, he's the UT analog to G1 Magnus)
Classics Ultra Magnus
Titanium War Within Ultra Magnus
Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus
RH G1 Ultra Magnus
Movie Legends Class Ultra Magnus (really Nightwatch Optimus Prime)

Hanging above all of those are Movie Scorponok, Energon Insecticon, and BWX Tarantulus.

Just above those guys is the Megatron shelf, and at the very top are the Starscreams:

On the Megatron shelf:

MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron
Classics Voyager Megatron
Classics Deluxe Megatron
Universe Special Edition Deluxe Megatron
Universe Legends Class Megatron
Titanium Megatron (Cobra version)
Titanium War Within Megatron
Machine Wars Megatron (really Megaplex)
RH G1 Megatron
RH Supermetal G1 Megatron
Cybertron Leader Class Galvatron
Cybertron Legends Class Galvatron
Cybertron Legends Class Megatron
Energon Megatron
Armada Megatron
RiD Megatron
Movie Leader Class Premium Megatron
Movie Voyager Class Premium Megatron
Movie Legends Class Megatron
RH Movie Megatron
RH Movie Supermetal Megatron
RH Revenge of the Fallen Megatron
Animated Leader Class Megatron
Animated Voyager Class Megatron
Animated Battle Begins Megatron
Animated Activators Megatron

And on the Starscream shelf:

Masterpiece Starscream
Commemorative Series G1 Starscream
Classics Starscream
Titanium War Within Starscream
Universe Legends Class Starscream
RH G1 Starscream
Armada Starscream
Energon Starscream
Energon Energon Starscream (not a typo...)
Galaxy Force Starscream (Japanese release)
Cybertron Legends Starscream
Botcon Shattered Glass Starscream
Movie Deep Space Starscream
Movie Starscream (G1-style version)
Movie Protoform Starscream
ROTF Legends Class Starscream
Movie RH Starscream (missle arm version)
ROTF RH Starscream
Animated Voyager Class Starscream
Animated Activators Starscream
Animated Legends Class Starscream

Off to the side I have a few Jetfires in vehicle mode:

Clockwise, starting with the space shuttle:
Armada Jetfire
Titanium War Within Jetfire
Energon Skyfire (officially Skyblast)
Classics Jetfire
Beast Machines/Universe Jetfire (officially RiD Storm Jet. Also my first eBay TF purchase)

Here's some of my Seeker collection:

Left to right, back row:

Cybertron Dirge (officially Universe/G1 Dirge)
Animated Sunstorm
Animated Skywarp
Armada Skywarp

Middle row:
Movie Overcast
Titanium War Within Sunstorm
Titanium War Within Thundercracker
Movie Thundercracker
Universe Skywarp (in vehicle mode)

Front row:

Classics Ramjet
Universe Acid Storm
Cybertron Divebomb (officially Movie Divebomb)
Cybertron Deluxe Class Thundercracker
Cybertron Legends Class Thundercracker
Cybertron Skywarp
Classics Skywarp (in back)
Titanium War Within Skywarp

Here's the work in progress Giant TFs/Movie/Revenge of the Fallen display:

At the very top I have 3 of my biggest transformers, Cybertron Primus, Energon Omega Supreme, and Armada Unicron (with the Dead End minicon). Also up there is the Headmaster unit from Animated, Cybertron Deluxe Class Unicron, the Unicron head that came with Primus, and RH Unicron (who's molded to resemble his original G1 appearance, not the Armada or Cybertron versions).

The next shelf down (the first proper shelf) is, right now, just an unorganized random smattering of (mostly recent) transformers. Left to right:

Classics Cliffjumper
Classics Mirage
Universe Galvatron
Universe Cyclonus (no, Nightstick isn't with him)
Universe Octane (officially Tankor)
Universe Inferno
Universe Hound
Animated Blazing Lockdown
Classics Astrotrain
Titanium War Within The Fallen
Universe Silverbolt
Cybertron Sideways

Second shelf: Also a bit unorganized, but it's got more Movie stuff than not. Left to right:

Movie Protform Bumblebee (from the 3-D card game)
Turtle shell
Lego shark
Movie Landmine
Starwars Death Star Darth Vader (Death Star mode)
Titanium War Within Grimlock (vehicle mode)
RH ROTF Springer
Movie Stockade
Movie Silverstreak/Bluestreak (really Camshaft)
Movie Voyager Class Megatron
RiD Scourge (the full-size version)
Movie Incinerator

Third shelf: Ok, here's where the movie stuff starts in earnest. Left to right:

ROTF Deluxe Class Sideswipe
RH ROTF Sideswipe
Movie Voyager Class Robovision Optimus Prime
Movie Deluxe Class Premium Jazz
Movie Legends Class Jazz (Allspark Battles version)
Movie Legends Class Rescue Ratchet
ROTF Legends Class Optimus Prime
Movie Legends Class Ironhide
Movie Legends Class Cliffjumper
ROTF Legends Class Springer
Movie Legends Class Bonecrusher
Movie Legends Class Brawl
ROTF Legends Class Jetfire
Movie Legends Class Skywarp (really Stealth Starscream)
Movie Legends Class Blackout
Movie Legends Class Barricade
Movie Legends Class Recon Barricade
ROTF Scout Class Ransack
ROTF Leader Class Megatron
ROTF Voyager Class The Fallen

Fourth shelf, left to right:

Movie Longarm
Movie Voyager Class Ratchet
ROTF Wasp (really Knock Out)
ROTF Deluxe Class Skids
Movie Deluxe Class Bumblebee (original Concept Camaro version)
Movie Wreckage
ROTF Deluxe Class Rampage
Movie Deluxe Class Bonecrusher
ROTF Deluxe Class Soundwave
Movie Deluxe Class Brawl
ROTF Voyager Class Demolishor
Movie Dropkick

Bottom shelf, left to right:

Movie Final Battle Jazz
Movie Evac
Movie Deluxe Class Cliffjumper
Movie Voyager Class Ironhide
Movie Arcee
ROTF Chromia
Movie Voyager Class Blackout
Movie Legends Class Scorponok
Movie Deluxe Class Premium Barricade w/Frenzy
ROTF Voyager Class Starscream
RH ROTF Sideways
ROTF Deluxe Class Sideways
Movie Leader Class Deep Desert Brawl

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