Monday, June 29, 2009

Some random images...

Decided to put up a few pictures I liked. First, we have most of the TFs I own that are NOT on display at the moment (along with my ham of a son):

Here's ROTF Ramjet. He's actually really nice. Skywarp seemed objectively nicer, but I've really taken to Ramjet. I think he may be more attractive to the eye than any other version of this mold. Of which I have five now, by the way.

ROTF Mixmaster is a triple changer. Mostly because he has a giant cannon that can't be correctly used in either robot or cement mixer mode. The official cannon mode is rather ungainly and unstable, so I found this much simpler cannon emplacement mode:

All you do is split the cement drum/rear wheels, flip the cannon up and over, and rotate the smoke stacks a bit forward for some tiny guns.

I have my ROTF movie review partly finished. I'll post it soon.

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