Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall break

Yay, today's the first day of fall break.

I work in education, and my county has a week-long break in October (even though there's one in November too, not to mention Christmas break), and yesterday was the last workday before the break. So right now I don't have much to worry about for a few days.

Me and my family are leaving tomorrow for a few days to go visit the in-laws up in the northern part of the state. My parents are coming too, though, and they're renting a cabin, so we're staying with them. Being that the ROTF DVD comes out on Tuesday and we don't leave until Wednesday, I'll hopefully convince everyone else to watch it with me the last night we're there.

I am kind of disappointed by the ROTF DVD. Mostly because, for all the various store exclusive available with it, not are really that interesting for a transformers fan. Best Buy did a great job with the first movie's DVD back in 2007 - they had it packaged with 2 exclusive (and very nicely painted) robot heroes, and also had 2 exclusive premium repaints of actual transformers toys (which cost less than the original versions after a discount if you bought it with the movie).

This year, there's nothing like that. Just dumb transforming Bumblebee cases and an Optimus bust.

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