Sunday, October 4, 2009

Octoooober!!! OOOOoOOOOooOO!!!

Ok, so the Halloween spirit is alive in me and convinced me to order Target's exclusive repaint of The Fallen. He's totally a Halloween toy (look at all that black and orange! And he looks just like a demon!), and I figured if I ordered him, he'd actually be in my hands before Oct. 31st. The last Target exclusive I ordered online, Deep Space Starscream, wasn't on store shelves for over a month after it arrived at my house.

Been looking all over for Human Alliance Skids/Arcee/Mikaela. It's just starting to hit shelves, and I considered ordering it from TRU (the only online retail source at the moment), but it's not worth it after their 5 dollar price bump, shipping, and taxes. I'm just going to hold out until I find it at a Wal-mart, where I can use a gift card on it.

Anyway, I'm totally going to put up a creepy/spooky/scary transformer display for Halloween. Guaranteed members: Cyb. Sideways, (new) The Fallen, Unicron, ROTF Leader Jetfire, 2007 Leader Megatron, ROTF Ravage, Animated Shockwave, and Titanium Fallen. And probably a few more.

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