Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox Kids Transmetal Tarantulus: the hunt continues

I didn't win that last auction for the Fox Kids edition of Transmetal Tarantulus (who I think I'm just going to start calling Steel Tech Tarantulus, as per his original working name).

However, I did find another one for auction on Monday (I think). It's not MISB and it costs more, but it looks to be in good shape, and I'd like to just go ahead and get the bastard while I have a chance. Apparently, I'm willing to pay $44 for the guy, which is the maximum price I'd pay on this auction - 40 dollars max bid and only $4 shipping. Right now the auciton is still at only $35 plus shipping, but there's still over 3 days left and I doubt someone else won't come along.

While I was up north, I saw this online:

Pretty freaking awesome. Can't wait for next year.

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