Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stuff on the way...

Like I mentioned in the last post, I've ordered Target's exclusive "Burning" Fallen repaint. I've also given up on looking for (even though I'd probably find it tomorrow) Human Alliance Skids and ordered it off of HTS yesterday afternoon after they put it up (finally!). I did manage to save 3 bucks on the shipping, but I'm also irritated that it didn't ship today. I guess the "usually" before "ships in one day" actually means something. So, yeah, I've found something to spend my meager birthday money on. Not that's it's surprising that I'd buy transformers with it.

I'm also considering getting the Target exclusive Animated Shockwave repaint - the purple one - off of ebay. I had a pretty good bid going the other day, but some joker went over what I was willing to spend. I don't want to spend very much on it because, A) it's a repaint I only kind of want adn B) it comes with Activators Bumblebee, which I already have. But now that Battlefield Bumblebee is coming out (with a somewhat nicer color scheme than the original) I may just get that one and get rid of the 2 normal ones.

In more general TF news, the Revenge of the Fallen line has kind of hit its 2009 peak; that is, the entire first half of the line is now on shelves (pretty much). Now, for the first movie line in 2007-2008, this was kid of a bad thing - it meant that the remaining half of the line was to be dominated with repaints and very few new molds (I can list most of the new Allspark Power molds here - Stockade, Landmine, Incinerator, and some legends. I may have missed, like, two).

This will not be the case for ROTF. In a few months (December or January; I'm hoping for the former), we'll be treated to the new half of the line, titled: NEST Global Alliance. And it's very much full of new molds. And guess what? They're actually pretty cool, so it's actually worth getting excited about.

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