Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh boy...

I am very close to owning one of my "holy grail" transformers - Beast Wars Transmetal Tarantulus, the Fox Kids repaint edition.

You see, I'm not a huge Beast Wars fan, but I do like a lot of the BW toys. One of the coolest looking molds is the Transmetal Tarantulus (and yes, I'm using the BWX spelling of his name). However, the normal (and show-accurate) version of the toy looks like a damn clown. He's a true product of the nineties.

The mold was one of a few transmetals selected to become an exclusive repaint (I think for Wal-Mart stores...maybe) and boy did they improve on the original. Fox Kids Tarantulus is Black, grey, and silver with a touch of green, all wrapped around a mechanical-looking spider. It's awesome, and I've held out on buying the Mardi Gras version for years because I knew one day I'd be able to find the nicer verison for a decent price.

Let's jsut hope the ebay auction it's on doesn't get out of hand. There's only 22 hours left, and the price right now is $15.50 with ~10 dollars current maximum bid is 25 dollars, meaning he'd be mine after $35 once shipping is accounted for. Honestly, I'm willing to pay for than that for him, but cna't exactly afford a higher price right now.

So let's hope I win before I hit that $25 mark.

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